About Our School

At Musée School of Photography and Digital Media, we’re passionate about photography and digital media and we’re passionate about passing on our knowledge so that your photographs can be all they are supposed to be and all that you need them to be.

Taking great photographs from the start, that’s important.  Using editing tools to turn your images into something spectacular, that’s even more important.  And then using those images along with your words, that’s the ultimate.

Our classes will teach you how to create great photographs, make them even greater with an easy-to-use software and then turn those great photographs into your dreams.

Everyone is different and everyone has a vision.

We can’t wait to see yours.

We offer classes for adults as well as middle and high schoolers.  Some examples of classes include:

  • All Day Photography Workshops
  • How to Design Your Digital Footprint
  • Designing and Writing a Blog
  • Photography 101 and 201
  • iPhoneography (there really is such a class)
  • Coming … Photography Workshops in Paris

Our school is located at 110 East Main Street in Barrington, Illinois.
For information please email us! 



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